GCI's Trademarked DER™ and DEER™ Technology

Die extraction and reassembly has been performed commercially in low volumes since 1995. However, in 2010, Global Circuit Innovations (GCI) developed an economical, high-volume method (DER™) using a combination of mechanical and chemical processing to remove thousands of components per year to environmentally harden OCM plastic devices for high temperature applications within the oil and gas exploration industry. In 2015, this technology was further refined with DEER™ with gold ball removal and ENEPIG die pad plating.

It was these commercial applications which drove the demand for tens of thousands of IC’s annually to be extracted and reassembled. GCI realized that this same die extraction and reassembly technology could also provide low-cost IC obsolescence solutions versus very costly redesigns for older DoD electronic systems and

introduced DER™ to the obsolescence community at the DMSMS conference in 2011.

Cost savings with this technology would average at least $1M per avoided line replacement unit (LRU) redesign, with some programs benefitting by as much as $15M - $20M by avoiding complete system redesign.

Currently, GCI’s DER™ Production IC’s are MIL-Std-883K qualified for use on the F16, F18 and the EA-6B.

GCI has recently won an additional contract to qualify our DEER™ to meet​ Mil-Std-883K requirements.

Further devices for platform approval during 2018 include:

The F-15, B-2 and C-130 aircraft.

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