Part II - The Driving Forces Behind Die Extraction for Reassembly – Increased Temperature Reliabilit

Solutions for Obsolescence –

Many products are used in system platforms which have lifetimes that exceed original expectations. Obsolescence is exacerbated by the continued shortening life cycle of semiconductors. Options to address these issues include redesigns and End-Of-Life (EOL) purchases. Redesigns are both costly and time consuming. A redesign may not provide a solution within the specified budget, or within the necessary timeframe. Alternatively, EOL purchases can lead to excess inventories, carrying cost, and eventually, scrap.

Die extraction and reassembly into a desired (typically hermetic) package is an alternate solution to the problem of obsolescence that provides both quick problem resolution and cost effectiveness. Additionally, counterfeit detection is improved through the ability to 100% inspect the exposed die for each device extracted. Devices extracted from plastic packages and reassembled into ceramic also have the advantage of improved temperature reliability for reasons described in previous discussions.

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