More on Counterfeit Parts - From the DOD

The Department of Defense recently revised the definition of counterfeit parts (see GCI blog of 5/22/15) which will assist in ensuring that companies that unknowingly misrepresent, genuine parts that have quality issues, or are otherwise out of specification, will not be treated as counterfeits or subjected to the burdensome obligations associated with counterfeit electronic parts under DOD's rules (e.g., reporting, quarantining requirements, unallowability of cost of repair, etc.).

DOD’s final regulations amend the definition of suspect counterfeit electronic parts to clearly state that a part's suspect status should be based on "credible evidence. This evidence could include visual inspection or testing that would provide reasonable doubt of the authenticity of the part. Credible evidence as described by DOD would strengthen facts defining suspect parts while reassuring suppliers that they are not expected to automatically suspect parts without some factual, credible evidence that the part might be inauthentic.

As a supplier, do you currently evaluate parts before utilizing them for DOD use? What is your risk if you do not perform your due diligence? Can GCI assist you and reduce your risk or evaluation costs? Reach out to for additional information on safe obsolescence solutions.

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