Why is the OTC of Interest to GCI?

Why is the Offshore Technology Conference of interest to GCI and the semiconductor industry?

The OTC is an annual event held in Houston that attracts a world wide contingent of global companies and nearly 100,000 participants involved in all facets of the Oil & Gas industry - not just those focused on offshore drilling activity.

A lot of the major advancements over the last two decades in drilling technology have come from advanced sensors and electronics that must work reliably in the most extreme environments. Semiconductors (IC’s) have been at the forefront of the technological developments and GCI’s high reliability and high temperature enhancements in semiconductor processing have been well received by many of the major industry players. In addition to having to address extreme environments, seismic and down-hole tool suppliers are experiencing semiconductor obsolescence issues much like the aerospace and defense industries. GCI’s innovative solutions are a great fit in addressing both of these industry needs.

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