Erick Spory, CEO of Global Circuit InnovationsTM to Speak at DMSMS Conference in Kissimmee, FL on 05

Colorado Springs, CO — 28 October 2013 — Erick Spory, CEO of Global Circuit InnovationsTM (GCI) will speak at the DMSMS conference in Kissimmee, FL on Thu 05 December 2013 at 9:30AM (EST). The title of the paper that Erick will present is: FPGA Footprint and/or Vendor Conversion Through Die Harvesting, Mapping, and Reassembly to Avoid Complete System Redesign


Colorado Springs, CO — 29 August 2011 — Erick Spory, CEO of Global Circuit InnovationsTM (GCI) will speak at the DMSMS conference in Hollywood, FL at 4PM (EDT) on Wed 31 August 2011.


DMSMS stands for “Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages”. DMSMS is defined as: "The loss or impending loss of manufacturers of items or suppliers of items or raw materials."

“DMSMS is a significant and growing issue with semiconductors of Integrated Circuits (ICs),” says Erick Spory, CEO of Global Circuit InnovationsTM. “IC lifetimes are driven by the commercial market which is driven primarily by cost-effective performance. Therefore most commercial ICs complete their product life cycle and become obsolete in two to three years after introduction. Meanwhile military systems, which typically have 20-30 year product lifetimes, increasingly utilize Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) ICs. It is not unusual that 10% to 50% of the IC components in a military system are already obsolete at the time that a military system is released to production. Global Circuit InnovationsTM (GCI) offers the option to remove readily available die from an undesired package format and then reassemble them into the package that is required by the application. Additionally GCI can provide these ICs in a hermetic package even if it was only ever commercially available in a plastic (non-hermetic) package.”

This can be done in days, not weeks or months.

“Using our proprietary techniques and materials, we can remove any die from any package with absolutely no damage to the die and then reassemble those previously removed dice into any hermetic IC package. We typically see IC product lifetimes as much as 250X longer than those of identical die in their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plastic packages under identical lifetest conditions at 250C,” says Charlie Beebout, VP of Marketing and Sales of Global Circuit InnovationsTM. “Additionally the bond pull and die shear strengths as tested to MIL-STD-883H conditions are identical to those of the OEM.”

Please plan to attend the DMSMS conference in Hollywood, FL and hear the Global Circuit InnovationsTM presentation on resolving DMSMS issues. Registration is still available at the time of the conference.

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