GCI has developed an advanced, non-destructive, die-extraction technique through our Advanced Extraction Solutions (AES) product line that allows us to remove a die from any semiconductor package making that die available in bare die form to be repackaged in any other available package or used in bare die form.

This is frequently an excellent solution for managing Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) especially when an IC is required that is obsolete or is no longer available in the desired package but where that IC is readily available in other package formats. These other package formats serve as a ready supply of die that can be quickly and easily removed from the undesired package and then reassembled into the desired package format that is required for the end application.


Every month approximately 3% of all Integrated Circuits available on the market become obsolete. However, most obsolete ICs are still readily available for many years, although not always in the package format that is required.

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