What We Offer – The reliability data using our solution


Many of our customers generally perform their own internal qualification processes and qualify our products on a case by case basis for their own applications.  We have passed all customer qualification testing to which our products have been subjected to date and we fully expect this same high level of success in the future.


After die removal and reassembly, the electrical performance in the new package has been measured and found to be identical to the electrical performance of the die in its original package.


We often suggest that a prospective customer first try an evaluation on their IC with an engineering sample of 10 to 20 units.  GCI is willing to provide these samples at a very reasonable price.  GCI wants to earn our customer's trust through empirical data that proves that our process is highly reliable and is also the lowest cost solution available compared to alternate solutions (e.g., redesign of an IC or of a PCB and/or system).  The data that will be generated from these evaluations prove the merits of this approach.

Die Removal with or without Die Reassembly


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