What GCI Offers
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Circuit Card Assembly Authorized Reverse Engineering

 Department of Defense (DoD) and Commercial Electronics Obsolescence Solutions

GCI routinely performs authorized reverse engineering services for the DoD as well as commercial customers.

RIF 1A1 die layout on CCA.png
RIF 1A1 CCA layout.png
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The compact Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) to the left shows the successful result of a reverse engineering effort that provides a drop-in replacement using bare microcircuits (die) that successfully replaces an obsolete 1982 microcircuit that was built using a Bipolar Gate Array. This CCA fits in a microcircuit package that has the identical footprint to the original microcircuit. This is used by the USAF to maintain F-16 aircraft.

This 500W Power Amplifier was originally upscreened by the DoD contractor from +85°C maximum to +125°C in order to successfully meet the requirements of an F-16



RIF 1D Photo.png

As of 2013, these ICs from the OEM no longer met the requirements at +125°C due to a design change.

This microcircuit contains three small CCAs inside of a hermetically sealed package.

RIF 1D Schematic.png
  • GCI performed an evaluation of the circuit and determined the root cause of the decrease in performance for the new OCM design.  


  • GCI performed a circuit modification and corrected the issue and restored the original performance at +125°C.  

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  • The above graph shows the pre-2013 performance, the post-2013 new OCM design performance, and the GCI retargeted circuit performance.


RIF 1D - Finished Packages.png

  • The new solution is a drop-in replacement for the prior microcircuit.