Gold Ball Removal, Pad Re-Plating with

Electroless Ni/Pd/Au (ENEPIG)  DEER™ Process

Procure Commercial IC, Extract Die, Complete Gold Ball Remnant Removal - 

Gold or Aluminum Wire Bond Following ENEPIG Die Pad  Plating for High Temperature Applications

Aluminum Pad Reconditioning for an Extracted Die (Target Total Plate Up is 4 - 5 um)

GCI’s DEER™ Gold Ball Removal with ENEPIG  Die Pad Plating

Relative 250°C Lifetest Performance

Packaging Option Key:

1 – Standard Plastic                                                                                            - Baseline       -25 hour

2 – Extraction, Standard Ceramic Assembly                                                   - DER™            -95 hour

3 – Extraction, Hi-Temp Ceramic Assembly                                                     - DER™           -600 hour

4 – Extraction, Ni/Pd/Au Process, Standard Ceramic Assembly                   - DEER™         - +6000 hour

5 – Extraction, Ni/Pd/Au Process, Hi-Temp Ceramic Assembly                    - DEER™         - +6000 hour

GCI’s DEER™ Process Improvements​

•Pad Re-Conditioning Using Gold Ball Removal Followed by ENEPIG  

  (Electroless Nickel, Electroless Palladium, Immersion Gold) Plating

•   Potential Original Poor Ball Bond Quality/Reliability is Removed

•   Subsequent Bonding is Non-Compound with Highly Consistent and Reliable Bond Pull Strength

•   New Bond Pad Surface Eliminates Possibility of Kirkendall Voiding with Gold Bond Wire at     Operating Temperatures Above 150°C

General Appearance of Kirkendall or Horsting Voiding at Bond Pad Location


Specifically, at Gold Ball to Aluminum Bond Pad Interface, the following Intermetallic Compounds can be formed:

Au5Al2,  Au4Al,  Au2Al,  AuAl2

For a more in depth overview of our technology, click here.

Illustration of ENEPIG Pad Plating

Optical Photo of Actual ENEPIG

Plated Die Pad

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