Program Manager

Patrick Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins managed technical and operations departments at Intel, Inmos, Atmel, Vitesse, OrganicID, dpiX, and Unipixel over a career of more than 30 years. He has been involved in the development and high-volume manufacturing of ICs in numerous technologies (Microprocessor, DRAM, SRAM, non-volatile/programmable memory, GaAs digital logic) as well as printed ICs, glass flat-panel, and flexible plastic (roll-to-roll) electronics.


Mr. Jenkins currently serves as a Program Manager for Global Circuit Innovations (GCI) and focuses primarily on integrated circuit obsolescence solutions for the DoD. The particular emphasis is on solutions for obsolete FPGA/CPLD integrated circuits. GCI specializes in Die Extraction and Re-assembly (DER™ and DEER™) for integrated circuit environmental hardening, commercial and military IC obsolescence solutions as well as electroless diamond plating for ultra high-speed sockets (40+ GHz) and Flex design.


Mr. Jenkins has one patent issued. US Patent 7858513 issued 2010 “Fabrication of Self-aligned via Holes in Polymer Thin Films”


Mr. Jenkins received his BSChE degree from Caltech.



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