Program Manager

Charlie Beebout

Mr. Beebout was Director of Engineering at Atmel Corporation for 17 years managing ASICs, FPGAs, EEPROMs, EPROMs, SRAMs, Digital Imaging, Wireless Communication and Cryptographic Security products.


In this capacity, he had extensive achievements in integrated circuit management positions designing, debugging and manufacturing thousands of IC products for diverse Department of Defense (DoD) applications including satellites, missiles, and aircraft.  His expertise also extended to other industrial and consumer utilizations.


Mr. Beebout currently serves as Program Manager for Global Circuit Innovations (GCI) and focuses primarily on integrated circuit obsolescence solutions for the DoD. GCI specializes in die extraction and re-assembly (DER™ and DEER™) for integrated circuit environmental hardening, commercial and military IC obsolescence solutions as well as electroless diamond plating for ultra-high speed sockets (40+ GHz) and Flex design.

MR. Beebout has presented at Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS), Air Worthiness and and Sustainment (AA&S), and the International Microelectronics Packaging and Assembly Society (IMAPS).


Mr. Beebout currently has a patent application pending entitled “Environmental Hardening to Extend Operating Lifetimes of Integrated Circuits at Elevated Temperatures” with the USPTO.


Mr. Beebout received his BSEE degree from Iowa State University.


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