The chemicals used to remove the die from their plastic packages are fairly aggressive. However … these chemicals are no more aggressive than the chemicals to which these die were routinely exposed when they were originally processed in a wafer fabrication facility (fab) in their original wafer form. We also thoroughly clean the chemicals off of the die following the die removal process. Upon the completion of the die removal process, we have a pristine die that looks like a typical bare singulated die with the exception that the original gold ball bonds are still present on the bond pads.


Subsequent wire bonding is bonded to the original gold ball bond which has a very high capability that is equivalent to a gold ball bond on a virgin aluminum bond pad with the same distribution of bond pull strength.  We also routinely use aluminum bond wire as well in order to achieve the best available solution available for the targeted application.


To date, our products have passed all of our customer’s qualification tests and our products have performed as well or better than the original ICs that our products  replace.


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What risks are there with the die extraction and reassembly processs?

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